Here are some benefits of using direct mail from the United States Postal Service. Also, learn our standard procedure on how we prepare your mailing campaign.

Did you know that 98% of consumers bring in their mail the same day it’s delivered? 77 % sort through it immediately. Direct mail advertising is one of the most targetable, immediate promotional tools you can use to get out your business’ message. These five reasons sum up the draw of direct mail marketing:

It’s Personal

Direct marketing fosters an immediate emotional connection with your customers because it addresses them by name and addresses their unique needs. When people feel as though you understand their needs, they are much more likely to respond.

It’s Flexible

There is a large variety of inexpensive and easy forms of direct mail marketing. From postcards to brochures, you can even add more of an impact by including a special offer or free samples.

It’s Tangible

Unlike with other forms of marketing, direct mail allows you to send a physical object to your customers. Along with an engaging message, coupons, stickers, and free samples are just some of the ways you can make an unforgettable impression.

It’s Measurable

You can measure the success and return on the investment of a direct mail campaign in ways that traditional advertisements don’t allow, simply by counting the inquiries received or coupons redeemed. This lets you fine-tune future direct marketing strategies more effectively.

Our Standard Procedure for Preparing Your Mailing:

• Data Processing – We process your mailing list through our U.S.P.S. certified software which pre-sorts and prepares the addresses in your data base for the lowest possible postage rates.

• Material Preperation – What ever your mailing piece requires, we will print, trim, collate, fold, tab, insert your materials.

• Addressing – Your processed mailing list is transfered to our ink jet system and the addresses are applied directly on to your prepared mailing materials.

• Sort & Tray or Bag – Once your materials have been addressed they are sorted in to the proper tray or bag according to their presorted destination.

• Delivery – The finished campaings are then prepared for delivery to their designated post office with proper postal paper work where they are then are varified by U.S.P.S. clerks. We return to you a copy of the submitted paper work as a proof of mailing for your records.

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