What is Required for a Mailing?

• Mailing List
• Mail Ready Printed Materials
• Payment for Mailing Services
• Payment for Postage

What Are Your Minimums?

• 200 pieces for Bulk Mailings.

• 500 pieces for Presorted First Class Mailings.

Minimum processing fee of $75 includes: List Processing, Mail Preparation and *Delivery to Post Office.

Prices and quantities are subject to change without notice. Please call to confirm current pricing and quantities. 
*Deliveries are made to the Santa Clarita Post Office. Deliveries to other cities are subject to aditional fees.

What Determines My Postage Cost?

Postage cost can be determined by many factors but are generally determined by the class of mail and the locations of your mailing list recepients. The more mail you have going to one area, the better your postage rates will be. Scattered locations with fewer recepients per area means higher postage rates.

Is Postage Included in the Mailing Service Cost?

No. Postage is a separate cost that is paid directly to the Post Office.

Are Mailing Lists Included With Your Services?

No. Mailing lists are to be supplied by the customer. If you don't have a list, we can help you with aquiring one. Call for details.

I Need a Postage and/or Mailing Service Estimate. What Do I Need to Supply You With?

We need the mailing list to be used, a description of the mailing piece including size, weight and a PDF/JPEG of the artwork or a sample of the mailing piece if available.

If these are not available, we can supply a rough estimate that can give you a close idea of cost but it will not be exact or guaranteed.

Pricing will change if the aspects of the project change or if it is not described correctly and thoroughly.

How much space is needed for the Addressing Area on My Mailing Piece?

The Post Office requires an area no smaller than 4" wide and 2" tall starting from the bottom right panel of your mail piece. It can be a good idea to show us a sample of your proposed mailing piece before going to press. You may use this 4"x 6" template as a point of reference.

What is an Indicia?

An indicia is the text (usually set in a square on the upper right hand corner of a mail piece) that indicates postage has been pre-paid. It shows the class of mail, permit number and city where the mailing was delivered.

Can You Print Addresses on UV Gloss Coating?

No. Make sure that all materials are NOT UV coated in the addressing area.
We can print on Matte and Aqueous coated materials as well Uncoated stock.

Can I Use My Own Permit?

Yes, as long as we are able to deliver to the Post Office of origin (this may result in additional delivery fees) or you may arrange your own alternative plans for delivery.

What Types of Files are Acceptable for a Mailing List?

We accept - .xls .csv .txt .dbf

Does Able Mailing Make Profit On Postage?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. All postage payments go directly to the Post Office. We know that postage makes up most of the mailing cost which is why we do our best to ensure your campaign qualifies for the lowest postage rates possible.

What Happens to Left Over Mailers That Are Not Mailed Out?

You are more than welcome to pick up any remainders or we can ship them to you for a fee. 
After 30 days we recycle all left over material.

How Does the Post Office Varify My Mailing?

The Post Office varifies mailing piece counts by weight. It is important that all your mailing pieces are identical in size and weight to ensure we have an accurate total piece count. Variants in weight and size will change the final totals calculated by the Post Office and can result in additional postage costs.

Are You Able to Merge Multiple Mailing Lists?

Yes. Our data processing service includes up to 4 mailing lists we can merge for you. More than 4 lists will result in an extra fee that is hourly based.

How Long Will it Take for Able Mailing to Process My Project?

Mailings that are easier to process, like postcards (up to 10,000 pieces) usually take 1-3 business days. Mailings that require more attention such as folding, inserting, assembly or larger quantities may require more time. SAME DAY TURNAROUND is available for qulifying mailings (call for details). Please contact us with as much advanced time as possible so we can do our best to accomidate your time table and schedule your project accordingly.

I'm not ready to have my mailing processed yet, can you hold on to my materials for me?

For a fee, we can store your materials for you (call for details). Any materials that go unclaimed for over 30 days are considered abandoned and are recycled.

Important things to remember...

Mail Piece Design - Make certain your mailing piece meets all U.S.P.S. requirements for the class of mail you are sending.

Postage Payment - Entire postage amount must be received prior to any mail delivery to the post office.

Leftovers - All remaning mailing materials will be recycled after 30 days.

Scheduling & Home Delivery - To ensure on time delivery, please allow ample time to process your project within our normal turnaround schedule. Be aware of the home delivery times for the class of mail you are sending.

Mail Piece Quality - It's important that all materials we receive for processing are in good workable condition free from warping, bending, poor cutting, poor packaging and any other defect that may cause issues for our machinery. Materials that are not machinable will incur extra fees and may need to be manually processed.

Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions that are not covered on this page.